Fort Providence Metis Council

Who We Are

The Fort Providence Metis Council represents the interests of the Indigenous Metis/Dene Descendants of the Fort Providence area. Our members with treaty and aboriginal rights are recognized under Section 35 of the Canadian Constitution. The mandate of the Metis Council in to uphold the aboriginal rights of the Indigenous Metis/Dene Descendants, unite the membership along with promoting the history and culture of the Metis people of the area. The organization has an elected Executive and Board of Directors which provides political, economic, cultural, and social representation at the community, regional, territorial and national levels through its affiliation with other governments, corporations, and organizations.

As Indigenous people we consider our history and families to be the foundation of our destiny as we continue to work for the betterment of our future generations.

Metis, Dene Descendants

We believe in cooperative partnerships with other aboriginal organizations of similar purpose, in particular the Deh Gah Gotie Dene Council. The Fort Providence Metis Council is a member of the Deh Cho First Nations. The Fort Providence Metis maintain cultural ties with our indigenous Metis relatives who live in Northwest Metis Communities along the Mackenzie River as well as the communities around the Great Slave Lake region of the Northwest Territories.

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