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Roles and Responsibilities of the Council

Roles and Responsibilities

The Fort Providence Metis Council represent the interests of the indigenous Metis/Dene descendants of the Fort Providence Area. The mandate of the Metis Council is to:

  • Uphold the aboriginal rights of the indigenous Metis/Dene descendants,
  • Unite the membership, and
  • promote the history and culture of the Metis people of the area.

The organization has an elected Executive and Board of Directors who provide political, economic, cultural and social representation at the community, regional, territorial and national levels through their affiliation with other governments, corporations and organizations.

The Fort Providence Metis Council member of the Dehcho First Nations. It believes in cooperative partnership with other aboriginal organizations of similar purpose. The Fort Providence Metis maintain cultural ties with our indigenous Metis relatives who live in Northwest Metis communities along the Mackenzie River as well as the communities around the Great Slave Lake region of the Northwest Territories.

The council is also expected to perform duties to ensure that policies and administration support and align with the councils mission, as well as to oversee the financial obligations and responsibilities of the council as needed.

Vision, Mission and Values


The Metis descendants in the Fort Providence area are independent, self-sufficient and take pride in their culture and heritage


To uphold the aboriginal rights of the indigenous Metis and Dene descendants as we understand them to be, unite the membership along with promoting the history and culture of the Metis people of the area


  • We uphold and adhere to our cultural values
  • We are hardworking and always looking for ways to help one another
  • We respect and accept each other and the unique experience and background we each have
  • We actively communicate, sharing our knowledge, experience, learning, and life stories

Clifford McLeod

James Christie

Secretary Treasurer
Susan Christie

Executive Director
Pearl Leishman

Georgette Bouvier

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